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Diverse Kindergarten

Learning at Ad Astra Private School

Prepare for the Future

We believe that all children with SEN have the potential to learn and to achieve positive outcomes. We employ a personalised approach to reflect each child's unique abilities. Learning is individualised to ensure it is enjoyable developmentally appropriate and takes into account the particular needs of each child.

Our emphasis is on developing communication skills, increasing attention, establishing life skills, and fostering independence.

Our curriculum is linked to each student's unique qualities, specific needs and individual starting points, and where necessary, differentiated from the national curriculum.

Our curriculum has the flexibility to address the individual and particular needs of each student and is characterised by being

  • Individually planned

  • Specialised

  • Multi-sensory

  • Goal-directed

  • Guided by pupil performance

Ad Astra Private School offers a variety of options for children of various ages. Please take a look below and contact us to learn more, and to determine if one of these options is right for your child.

Our Program: Our Programs

Online Sessions

Ad Astra Private School now offers individualised online sessions for students of all ages.

Child on Tablet

Personalized Tutoring

Specializes in one-on-one education, giving children and their families the holistic support they need throughout the school year.

Teacher and Young Student

Exposure to Classroom Setting

Helps students build their confidence and gain valuable skills in a supportive environment.

Kids in Preschool
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